Hero Image FAQ

is a free online chatting application that allows users to socialize with others without register. The service randomly pairs users in one-on-one chat sessions where they chat anonymously using the names by their nickname.

Nickname used instead of your real name that will appear in your chat friends.

To get a chat friend on Hehetalk, simply enter your nickname and wait for HeheTalk to find your chat friends for you randomly.

When you are in an active chatroom and you want to find another friend, so first, you must end your current chatroom. After that you can find new friends. For now, HeheTalk only supports one-on-one active chatroom.

Please click the menu on the bottom left corner and select the "End" menu. When chatroom still ongoing, your friend may abruptly terminate the active chatroom, as well as you.

If a chatroom has ended either terminated by you or your chat friend, then you can not go back to the same chatroom because our concept is random chat.

HeheTalk doesn't store your personal data except nickname and age. When your Chatroom is active, your chat data is temporarily stored on the HeheTalk server. If Chatroom has ended and no user has reported you, the HeheTalk server will delete your chat data.

When you press "Find Friend" button, HeheTalk system will search for other active users randomly. If there is no other active user then you haven't been able to chat.

If you see inappropriate content or behavior on Hehetalk, please immediately end the chatroom and click the "Report" icon found after you end your current chatroom. The HeheTalk team will review the content and if the content contains true negative content then we will warning the user.

When you are in an active chatroom and switch to another application (move task), HeheTalk will temporarily store your chatroom history until you return to that room.

Hehetalk doesn't provide features to saving images from chatroom. Images only access for 10s seconds and will disappears after that